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Item collection 161709 original Gallery hero 161709 original

Red Orange Chinese Ball Crystals


Item collection 166111 original Gallery hero 166111 original

Pink Flowers Ceramic Waterslide Decal (D10-1)


Item collection 139033 original Gallery hero 139033 original

Santa Penguin Glass Beads 10-1356


Item collection 171354 original Gallery hero 171354 original

Dichroic Lava Heart Czech Beads 9-1213


Item collection 164723 original Gallery hero 164723 original

Orange Tiger Cat Ceramic Waterslide Decals D10-54


Item collection 1419502 original Gallery hero 1419502 original

Moon Stone Disk Beads 11-032


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The Supply Closet

Beading is addictive... the bug hit me several years ago and has taken over a significant area of my life :-) This shop allows me to share the addiction, and some great finds...

I'm continually adding new items. If you are looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to ask.